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TO assist our clients in need of HIP, CIP or PM NNS guidance and the development & implementation of a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS STRATEGY in these areas.

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About GHC

At the present time, the primary source for information regarding Hot and Cold Isostatic Pressing is an equipment manufacturer or service provider.  Many people have expressed an interest in finding an independent source for such information, including the application of these process to powdered metal components and bonding dissimilar materials.

Global HIP Consultants was established to fill that need.  We have access to industry and academic experts who have worked in the Hot Isostatic Pressing and powdered metal fields for more than 30 years on average.

Ed Tenerini - Manager

Experience - 28 years in the HIP Industry.

Mr. Tenerini established Global HIP Consultants to serve as an independent source for information related to Hot Isostatic Pressing, Cold Isostatic Pressing, Powdered Metal Near Net Shapes and Bonding applications.