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  • What is HIP?  HIP stands for Hot Isostatic Pressing and it is a thermal process which utilizes elevated temperature and isostatic gas pressure to eliminate porosity and increase density in metals, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials.  It can also be utilized to bond materials and create components from powdered metals.
  • What is CIP?  CIP stands for Cold Isostatic Pressing and utilizes pressures ranging from less than 5,000 psi to more than 100,000 psi (34.5 to 690 MPa). Powders are compacted in elastomeric molds in either a wet or dry bag process.
  • What are Powdered Metal Near Net Shapes (PM NNS)? - PM NNS's can be made for both complex and simple components, such as valves bodies or billets.  A canister made in the desired shape, including any internal passages, is assembled and filled with powder.  The sealed canister is HIP'd, creating a fully dense component.